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Case Study
mlm company case studyDisplaying project reviews and problem solving procedures
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It is very essential to customize the project management procedures in order to meet the demands of all projects from clients. Not every time the same procedures are used for the fulfillment of all projects. During the project definition stage, the project management procedures to be used can be decided along with methodology, bespoke procedures, standards, reporting and other stuff.

Following is a perfect example of one of our long term clients with whom the relationship is going strong for more than 2 years. Following case study will let you know how we address time zone differences, projects and solve any problems that come in to picture.

Client Details: Internet Advertising Major
Project Name: Solutions for Advertisers, Advertising Solution for Publishers, Media Shield
case studyManagement of schedules with boundary
 Whenever any project is assigned to us we firstly prepare the project plan and put in to practice lots of resources. Experts work around to understand the projects coming-in from the clients and we decide about the delivery dates. The dates are generally decided on the basis of project requirements by the client or engineering team. Through VPN we find out the way in repository to view the source code. We check the code to compare it with that of client’s on the date of delivery by maintaining the newest source.
case studyCalculating Time Differences
 Within 3 hours of additional time we check out all issues faced with our clients and evaluate the project progress with our on-site project supervisor. On-site project supervisor makes sure that all of our issues are solved. With this our team can continuously work on the project until completion.
case studyEscalation procedures
 If the issues are not solved in primary levels, we make sure that they are informed to the next level. Unit and QA testing procedures are followed by an official QA testing program from clients end. If any issues are found out they are cleared herein. Internal escalation procedures are followed from team lead to PM to Accounts Manager and lastly to Engineering Manager.

We inform the client from time to time about the progress of project through emails and conference calls to let them know about current developments. We define all escalation procedures at the start of project.


Our Procedure
With MLM Software Development SASPL has succeeded in carrying out application development projects at ease. The methods that we use assist us in effectively and efficiently delivering the client projects. Clients can expect quality project delivery as we use latest technology tools and innovative methodology. Clients can have the advantage of cost effective offshore development and onsite development.
case studyInitial stages of defining the Scope, Feasibility and Proposal of the projectcase studyRequirement Study
case studyAnalysis of Requirementscase studyDesign
case studyBuilding and Unit Testingcase studySystem Testing
case studyDeploymentcase studyFollowed by Acceptance testing and transfer of knowledge
case studyWarrantycase studyMaintenance and Support

In order to meet different requirements of the clients SASPL uses a MLM Software development strategy that provides alternative structures. Clients don’t have to learn something new as far as processes are concerned as they all remain the same. Tasks are easily carried out with the help of the methods that are used by experts. The team can change the techniques with new products in to the markets without making any change in methodology.

Development procedures are further simplified with our methodology when the tasks are re-defined and utilized. As tasks are lined up previously, it gives a kind of clearness and confidence for the completeness of procedures.

The software development procedures are properly documented so as to improve them all. The documents that we maintain are a proof of documented procedures that we follow for building any software. With this we can easily improve and simplify the lifecycle of software development.

We always use an innovative MLM Software development methodology that is up to date and effective in meeting the requirements of clients. The strategy that we use is perfectly suitable to fulfill the needs of projects.
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